The energy sector is undergoing an incredible transformation and keeping pace with the latest industry developments and innovations is important to ensure profitability, competitiveness and adequate decarbonisation efforts.

It is against this backdrop that the Saudi Energy Convention conference programmes are shaped, providing both strategic and technical insights that gather global policy makers, energy CE0s and industry professionals to discuss key trends shaping the future of global energy systems.

Featuring two high level conference steams that cover the entire energy sector value chain, Saudi Energy Convention will host more than 250 international speakers across 50+ conference sessions. This is a great opportunity to exchange best practices on a variety of strategic and technical topics covering energy transition, customer centric business models, digital transformation and much more.

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Engaged, cross-sector collaboration is necessary to push forward accelerated, capital-efficient decarbonization. This conference will gather global policy makers and industry business leaders to discuss the key trends shaping the future of energy — focusing on action and scalable impact. Ministerial and global leadership panel sessions will examine the key pillars driving Saudi Arabia’s energy transition and influence the future of the industry, both domestically and globally.


The Technical Conference is where innovation and expertise converge to shape the future of the energy landscape. This conference will tap into the deep technical expertise needed to effect industry-wide change at the pace and scale required.

With a focus on 16 distinct technical categories, the conference offers access to cutting-edge knowledge, groundbreaking research findings and the latest advancements in technology across the energy, water and utilities value chain.


Anchored within the Saudi Energy Convention, the Leadership Roundtables gather stakeholders including leaders and innovators — from Ministers and policy makers to CE0s and scientists — to explore solutions and collectively address the challenges and shape the future of the energy sector.